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The perfect place to source your spare shutter parts for interior plantation shutters from Manchester

The perfect place to source your spare shutter parts for interior plantation shutters from Manchester to Europe

With the growing phenomenon of plantation shutters in the UK, Shutter Spares has been formed to provide customers with essential spare parts for their shutters and are stocking a growing list of retailer’s product parts. We supply companies throughout the UK and Europe amongst other areas.

As a company based in Manchester we are ideally situated to source, stock and distribute a growing number of plantation shutter parts throughout the UK and Europe. We operate a mail order service which allows our visitors to stipulate the spare part they require for their shutters and we will either send out direct from stock for our main manufacturers or order the relevant part on behalf of customers. Read our page shutter parts for more information on how a shutter is made and what elements of the shutter we can supply. We are proud to be working in Manchester together with some fantastic companies – use the local government website to red more about local business support and licensing.

Wooden shutter spare parts delivered from Manchester throughout EUROPE

We provide shutter spares for wooden shutters only. We do NOT currently supply MDF or plastic shutter parts at this point in time but contact us if you would like to be advised of when we may provide these spares in the future.

Wooden shutters are the most durable in our opinion and we do not like to send out inferior products so for the time being our spares service revolves around wood. This includes:

  • Individual slats (6 sizes available in over 30 colours)
  • Shutter frames
  • Shutter stiles
  • Hinges (10 available)
  • push rods
  • Mid rails

Whilst wooden products are extremely durable they do go wrong at times and that is where our service in Manchester started as more and more people wanted to get parts for their wooden products, so our spares service grew nationwide into mail order. We are super pleased to be part of the new growing companies within the CHEAP SHUTTERS group

We also supply installation manuals and guides for various manufacturers in the UK, please ask for more info.

closeup of slats on our wooden shutters

Which manufacturers shutter spares do we stock

We carry several main European manufacturer product parts, contact us for more information:

We do also have other suppliers we work with we for more information contact us. With these high quality suppliers we know our customers have purchased quality durable products and we stock the parts to make sure these are then in continual service after fitting our parts. You can get manuals and online helps for how to install the various DIY elements from websites and we shall post these online when we get a moment.

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